Specialist Lighting

We are your go-to experts for designing bespoke lighting systems that cater to almost any requirement, bringing your vision to life with a dazzling array of possibilities.

Whether it’s creating an enchanting ambience for a luxurious hotel lobby, implementing energy-efficient lighting solutions for commercial complexes, or designing captivating outdoor lighting for architectural landmarks, our team of skilled lighting specialists can craft the perfect lighting scheme tailored to your unique needs.

From intelligent lighting controls that adapt to your preferences to awe-inspiring LED installations that captivate audiences, Surge Electrical Contractors shines bright as the guiding light in exceptional lighting design.

Sports Lighting

Working with a variety of sports from rugby, football and tennis to hockey and more, we can design, install and maintain an external pitch side  lighting system that quite literally shines a light on your team.

Whether it’s a professional stadium, community sports complex, or recreational facility, our specialized team of engineers and technicians is dedicated to enhancing visibility, ensuring player performance, and elevating spectator experiences.

From precision design to meticulous installation, we harness the power of cutting-edge technology and energy-efficient solutions to light up the game like never before.

High and Low Bay Lighting

We understand the paramount importance of efficient lighting solutions in enhancing productivity, safety, and ambience across diverse settings.

Whether you require high bay lighting for expansive industrial facilities or low bay lighting for commercial spaces, our expert team is geared to design and install cutting-edge lighting systems that deliver optimal brightness and energy efficiency.

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