University of South Wales

Advanced Refurbishment at the University of South Wales by Surge Electrical Engineering

Surge Electrical Engineering continues to solidify its presence as a leader in electrical and mechanical solutions for the education sector with its project at the University of South Wales, Cardiff Campus.

Initiated in August 2023, the project revolves around the comprehensive refurbishment of a multi-functional lecture theatre, which also serves as a cinema for students.

Project Overview

The University of South Wales sought to renovate one of its unique lecture theatres within the Cardiff Campus, a space that doubles as a cinema.

The intent was to create a harmonious blend of academic and recreational utility, and the refurbishment focuses on enhancing the visual and functional experience, catering to both lecture deliveries and cinema viewings.

Execution and Scope

Surge’s responsibility in this pivotal project included the installation of specialist lighting with scene-setting capability, allowing for adaptable ambience based on the usage of the space.

Additionally, the project entails the incorporation of commercial cinema standard lighting controls and a control panel to ensure optimal lighting conditions and a user-friendly interface for varied events.

A modern fire alarm system is also being integrated to bolster the safety measures within the facility.

Dale Phillips, Director at Surge, shared his thoughts on the undertaking, stating, “Embarking on a project within an educational institution like the University of South Wales is always rewarding. Our team meticulously worked to ensure the lecture theatre/cinema is equipped with market-leading lighting and safety features, facilitating a versatile learning and recreational environment for the students.”


The project marked a significant enhancement in the functional versatility and user experience of the lecture theatre at the University of South Wales, Cardiff Campus.

The state-of-the-art lighting and safety installations not only facilitates academic activities but will also ensure an enjoyable cinema experience for the students, underlining Surge Electrical Engineering’s role in elevating institutional spaces through innovative solutions.

Ryan Parry, Director at Surge, commented, “Our project at the University of South Wales is a representation of our commitment to enhancing educational spaces with innovative solutions. The integration of specialised lighting and advanced controls will redefine the user experience within the multi-functional theatre, showcasing our expertise in delivering customised solutions in diverse settings.”