Mermaid Quay Cardiff

Surge Electrical Engineering, a leading name in mechanical and electrical solutions, has successfully completed a notable lighting installation project at Mermaid Quay, Cardiff.

The project, which commenced in December 2021 and concluded in December 2022, emphasized enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of the public realms including walkways, pavement areas, and other public spaces in the quay.

Project Overview

Mermaid Quay, a bustling and dynamic area in Cardiff Bay, underwent a significant upgrade with the installation of new power and innovative lighting systems.

The project aimed to enrich the ambience of the area by bathing the walkways and pavements in a palette of colours, whilst the new power conduits allowed the various bars and restaurants to have access to a reliable power supply to the exteriors of their buildings.

Execution and Scope

The scope of the project included the installation of a sophisticated, colour-changing lighting system for the landlord, Mermaid Quay. This innovative system, controllable via a mobile phone as well as a dedicated control panel, allows for effortless management of lighting in the public realm.

In addition to the lighting system, Surge also installed power in strategic locations for the landlord, including trunking on the exteriors of buildings that retailers can access for illuminating their signage, adding a cohesive visual element to the area.

Reflecting on the project, director Ryan Parry stated, “The Mermaid Quay project was a step forward in implementing advanced lighting solutions in public spaces. Our team worked diligently to install a versatile lighting system and power solutions that met the landlord’s and tenant’s needs. It’s gratifying to see our work contribute to the visual enhancement of such a lively area in Cardiff.”


The completion of the Mermaid Quay project marks another successful venture for Surge Electrical Engineering. The feature lighting installation not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of the public realm but also provides functional solutions to both the landlord and tenants, strengthening Surge’s position as a leading provider of mechanical and electrical solutions in Cardiff.

Dale Phillips, director of Surge, added his perspective: “This installation at Mermaid Quay stands as an example of our dedication to providing innovative and practical solutions. The project was about more than just installing lighting; it was about enhancing the overall user experience in the quay. The seamless completion is a testament to our team’s capability and commitment to quality.”