Brynna Community Centre

Empowering Brynna Community Centre, Pontyclun with a Sustainable Energy Solution

Surge Electrical Engineering, a leader in renewable energy solutions, has brought green power to Brynna Community Centre, Pontyclun, with the installation of a 10Kw Solar PV System.

This significant project aligns with the community centre’s commitment to environmental conservation and energy efficiency, yielding considerable reductions in electricity bills.

Project Overview

Brynna Community Centre, a multifunctional facility utilised by a variety of groups including a local crèche and football team, aimed to adopt a green energy solution to manage energy consumption effectively.

The project was bolstered by a Welsh Assembly Government grant, which facilitated the installation of the solar PV system with batteries, thus enhancing the centre’s operational sustainability.

Execution and Scope

The scope of the project encompassed the installation of a 11Kw Solar PV System 23 Kwh of battery storage, that featured 26 panels and a state-of-the-art PV storage cell, all designed to optimise energy consumption.

This installation is a significant stride towards the centre’s carbon-neutral operations and also plays an instrumental part in reducing the overheads of the day-to-day running of the venue.

Reflecting on this impactful project, Dale Phillips, Director at Surge, said, “Implementing a solar PV system at Brynna Community Centre was a meaningful endeavour. The centre serves diverse community needs, and aiding them in reducing energy bills while maintaining an eco-friendly stance was rewarding. It’s a testament to our commitment to sustainable energy solutions.”


This forward-thinking energy solution ensures the centre’s diverse activities can continue seamlessly while maintaining a minimal environmental footprint, highlighting Surge Electrical Engineering’s proficiency in delivering eco-friendly and economically viable solutions.

Ryan Parry, also a Director at Surge, shared his perspective: “This project at Brynna Community Centre underlines our capability to deliver tailored, sustainable solutions. The installation of the Solar PV System not only contributes to reducing operational costs for the centre but also emphasises our role in promoting environmentally responsible practices in community spaces.”