Advanced Lighting Solution at Spectrum Glass

Advanced Lighting Solution at Spectrum Glass by Surge Electrical Engineering

Surge Electrical Engineering, renowned for its innovative mechanical and electrical solutions, has executed a transformative lighting project for Spectrum Glass, located in Baglan, South Wales.

The market-leading manufacturer of bespoke glass for the UPVC sector experienced a comprehensive revamp of its factory lighting and controls during a 2-month project that started in July 2023.

Project Overview

The focal point of this project was the overhaul of the existing factory lighting and controls, and the installation of advanced lighting solutions conducive to the manufacturing environment.

This included the installation of 40 LED, High Bay Lighting units which significantly augmented the operational efficiency and energy management of the manufacturing facility by providing optimal illumination tailored to the unique needs of bespoke glass manufacturing.

Execution and Scope

The execution involved a meticulous integration of advanced lighting units and intelligent controls. The newly installed system includes features such as remote operations, timing control and sensor-based operations.

Additionally, the system offers the convenience of mobile phone control, allowing for seamless management of the lighting environment from anywhere with a WiFi signal.

Dale Phillips, Director at Surge, remarked, “The transformation at Spectrum Glass was aimed at enhancing operational efficiency through intelligent lighting solutions. The integration of LED, High Bay Lighting units and advanced controls have made a significant impact on energy consumption, showcasing our expertise in delivering industry-specific solutions to meet the demands of the manufacturing sector.”


The comprehensive lighting overhaul at Spectrum Glass stands as a testament to Surge Electrical Engineering’s adeptness in elevating industrial operations through advanced solutions.

The integration of smart controls and High Bay Lighting units not only contributes to substantial energy savings but also enhances the overall operational experience at the manufacturing facility.